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  • author ( 60, cub / man | Painted Post, NY, USA )

    I could entertain about anything but would prefer a night under the stars with a bottle of wine and great compatibility

  • author ( 65, cub / man | Cos Cob, CT, USA )

    youd be on the couch relaxing while I kneel before you with my head buried deep between your thighs. stopping only ag your whim.

  • author ( 61, cub / man | Corpus Christi, TX, USA )

    For me, it would involve a 5 course meal, @ my Fav. restaurant. Then follow up with a nice walk to our chariot to depart for the suite I'd procurred, to relax in the hot tub, with strawberries & cream with champagne(chil...  see more >>

  • author ( 63, cub / man | New Haven, CT, USA )

    spending time with no attachment. I have never been married and I like to keep to myself I have one son who I've raised on my own I love dearly I am just looking for some unatched loving

  • author ( 61, cub / man | Corpus Christi, TX, USA )

    My ideal date would be going to the beach walking the shoreline as we begin to know each other. A nice coffee shop we're we can enjoy each other's company in peace and quiet over a cup of coffee and a muffin!

  • author ( 60, cub / man | Little Falls, MN, USA )

    Since its summer im thinking a late afternoon picnic at the beach where we could share a bottle of wine and watch the sunset together as we get to know each other

  • author ( 60, cub / man | Delafield, WI, USA )

    My idea of a perfect first date would be picking up my lady and taking her to the most beautiful restaurant ever.. Somewhere we can have a private or candle light dinner. Its a time to feel connection and be able to laug...  see more >>

  • author ( 61, cub / man | Florissant, MO, USA )

    go out 2 eat have a few drinks enjoy a funny movie have a meaningful intimate personal conversation with each other getting to know each other what we both like n dislike talk bout sports bring us closer not prejudging a...  see more >>

  • author ( 63, cub / man | Lansing, IL, USA )

    to have a nice steak or seafood restaurant and talk to each other not at each other that's the key . after dinner a walk by the lake eating a or Italian Ice sitting by the water just chilling and gazing into your eyes an...  see more >>

  • author ( 60, cub / man | Gleneden Beach, OR, USA )

    How about we have a contest? We can choose whatever you like. Or we could go with the classics Rock - Scissors? Or better yet let's fit for the hard core. Let's do it. Thumb Wrestle. Best two out of three

  • author ( 60, cub / man | Natrona Heights, PA, USA )

    spending the whole day with you. laughing, running, walking kissing and holding you tight .looking at you smiling.

  • author ( 60, cougar | Chicago, IL, USA )

    For me an ideal date would be chilling at the the crib watching movies and music videos and doing some cuddling

  • author ( 60, cub / man | Chesapeake, VA, USA )

    To meet for breakfast then get a room for the day from 9am-5pm. Order out for pizza between rounds 3 or 4 and make a day of it.

  • author ( 61, cub / man | Syracuse, NY, USA )

    Sharing a meal, going out for coffee or a drink, taking a long walk and talking so that we could get to know each other better.

  • author ( 61, cub / man | Rochester, NY, USA )

    sexy Lady a good single white woman to be with you and me a good single black man and serious relationship with you and me